Racing Teams

Faster, Faster, Faster…until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death!

Not only do we enjoy working on cars for a living, we also enjoy racing on the weekends too.

The majority of the Rocklin Automotive staff has been into cars, motorcycles, and go karts since we were little kids. There’s just something about it. Drag racing is our favorite weekend activity at the shop, but we also enjoy any other form of mechanical racing.

Racing is in the family!  The apple doesnt fall far from the tree. In the gallery below you can see father and son speedsters.

Our Drag Racing Vehicle
We currently drag race at the Sacramento Raceway.  We attend the Grudge Fest series, as well as the West Coast Pro Gas Series. It’s in Northern California schedule, so we don’t have to travel far from home. We race at Sacramento Raceway, as well as Sears Point, Bakersfeild, and Redding California. Our biggest accomplishment this year was making the Semi-Final round (3rd place) at a big PCSA (Pacific Street Car Association) race in Sacramento.

Go Karting with the Family
When we’re not drag racing, we spend time with our kids. In between karate and soccer, we take our boys racing. Our kids race go karts at All Star Karting, located at Prairie City OHV State Park. It’s a dedicated world class go kart facility, with 4 different track layouts. They race in the competitive “Kid Kart” class, restricted to ages 5-8 years old. Their go karts look just like Formula One, or Indy cars, but on a smaller scale. The engine is basically a 3 horse power weed eater motor, but is still capable of reaching speeds of 32 mph. It’s a pretty good feeling to see your child succeed on something you have constructed for them. These young kids are very focused and driven, and can probably out-drive most adults.

Safety is of utmost concern; they’re dressed in 2 layer fire suits, helmet, neck brace, gloves and boots. I’m my son’s pit crew and coach, making all the necessary adjustments, instructing him on how to go threw a turn or make a pass, and then having him perform in the instrument I created for him. It’s a lot of hard work, but also a labor of love.