Auto Repair Services


Our Technicians are Trained to the Highest Standards
Our entire family of Rocklin Automotive technicians are A.S.E. Certified. A.S.E. stands for Automotive Service Excellence, and is the highest degree of automotive education and training in the auto repair industry. Our Rocklin Automotive team of technicians also shares a common passion for both cars and quality auto repair.

With auto manufacturers constantly changing their products every year, our technicians are constantly updating their skills in training seminars and local community colleges. If it’s not a new fuel management system, or emission system, it’s an updated or improved design. Without constant training, continued education, and reviewing current trends in our industry, we’d be just another corner tire store or quick lube shop.

Is the Corner Quick Lube Shop Qualified to Fix Your Car?
Not really… and here’s an example of why…

We recently replaced an engine that was damaged by a local “quickie lube” shop during a routine oil change. While the “quickie lube” shop was draining the oil, the hybrid vehicle’s computer triggered a low battery warning.  To address the low battery warning, the hybrid vehicle’s computer automatically started the car’s engine to charge the battery.  With the oil drained and no oil to lube the engine, the engine was severely damaged and required a full replacement.  A simple $25 oil change from an untrained technician turned into thousands of dollars in repairs. Yikes!

Our trained technicians at Rocklin Automotive, know that hybrid vehicles need special attention even for a routine service.  Our technicians understand the details and would have removed the master fuse while servicing this hybrid vehicle. It’s those small bits of crucial information that prevent big problems for our customers.

Here at Rocklin Automotive, we don’t charge you to learn how to work on cars. We have a team that’s trained to the highest standards, so we know how to work on cars!