Is it time for a Smog Check?

When the DMV notifies you to get a smog check, don’t worry, they aren’t picking on you. If your car is already running properly, having a smog check is a breeze. In most cases, a smog test takes about 30 minutes and usually no appointment is necessary.

What Happen During a Smog Check?
During your smog check, we check all of the emission related components that came on your car. The smog test will confirm your car’s emission parts are present, but the test will not confirm that these parts are working correctly. If any one of those emission parts isn’t working correctly, your car may fail the tailpipe emissions portion of the test. Usually if your emission systems aren’t working correctly, your car’s check engine light will turn on. With a check engine light, we can easily diagnose and repair the emission problem, so the final smog test goes smoothly.