At Rocklin Automotive, we specialize in foreign cars, domestic cars, and light trucks. We can perform all levels of auto repair.  We offer everything from simple oil and filter changes to brakes, custom wheels & tires, suspension and alignment, and maintenance tune-ups.

Smog inspection and failed smog diagnostics are one of our specialties.  We can also accurately diagnose your car’s check engine light. We’re certified to perform official State of California Brake and Lamp certification required by the DMV for all salvaged title vehicles. We can also help keep you cool with an A/C recharge and repair. From start to finish, we’ve got your car covered!

Most shops say it, but we really are different.
From our clean, inviting work place area to the clear, easy-to-understand communication from our service advisers, we take pride in the quality repairs we provide to our customers. All of our employees are non-commissioned, so you will never have unnecessary repairs suggested to you. We get paid for doing the job right.

Our Service Advisors are Problem Solvers
We always have two service advisors available at the front desk. Having two service advisors on the front desk ensures you get 100% of our attention when discussing your repair over the phone or in-person. We are more than just mechanics and technicians, we are problem solvers! Whether you need a ride or are looking for a quick alternative to a costly repair, let the guys at Rocklin Automotive, solve your problems.

We treat every car as if it were our own
We won’t turn your car into a race car, but we will make the safest, most accurate repair to avoid any further down time. In today’s busy on-the-go lifestyle, being without your car is almost impossible.

We treat every customer with the utmost respect that they deserve. We take time to explain the repair, so you not only know what’s wrong with your vehicle, but you know how to prevent it from happening again.

We are Family Owned and Operated
Rocklin Automotive was started in 2007 by Marc and Suzi Freire. Marc has been working on cars and been in the auto industry for the past 20 years. It’s in his blood… Even as a kid he raced go karts and tinkered with his VW bug trying to make it a little faster. It’s only natural that Marc gravitated towards owning his own auto shop. It’s not uncommon to still see Marc out in the shop helping someone work on a customer’s car, in his slacks.

Suzi (his wife) is a 1st grade school teacher in Sacramento, as well as a successful health and wellness coach.